SemperFi Home Services
   Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Clarence L Stonesifer Jr.
Home Inspector
License #33301

Clarence L Stonesifer Jr.Buyer Home Inspections
A  complete visual non invasive inspection of all systems and components of the home in compliance of Maryland standards of practice. A detailed report with pictures including serial numbers, model numbers, age and condition of all systems and components. The report will list these items as Satisfactory, marginal or poor based on age and condition.

Seller Home Inspections
A basic 2 hour walk thru with the homeowner to educate and identify areas in need of maintenance and repair. Will date components open and check electric main and advise to help eliminate the pressures of settlement deadlines.

Radon test Inspections
EPA recommends that all houses be tested for radon. A estimated 21000 people die from lung cancer every year from radon exposure. I use Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitors. It's a 48 hour test with a printout of the results within 8 hours of retrieval. Closed building conditions need to be in place 12 hours prior to setting up the monitor.

Water Sampler Inspections
The total coliform bacteria test is a primary indicator of potability suitability for consumption,of drinking water. The EPA recommends all private Wells be tested for coliform bacteria at least once a year. Nitrates should be checked every 2 to 3 years and if your pregnant before birth and 6 months later to avoid baby blue syndrome. If your house is older than 1978 you might want to get your water tested for lead. Will do well chlorination in addition to the test.

Rental Inspections
A general walk thru checking the exposed plumbing for functional flow and drainage, making sure there’s no leaks. Making sure all smoke detectors and or carbon detectors are working properly, and all the electric has correct plate covers with no exposed wiring creating safety concerns. Visually checking the doors and windows are in good working order and any steps are correct in riser height steps are correct depth and handrails are installed and secure.